Enabling responsible investment in Myanmar

Myanmar Strategic Holdings (“MSH”) is a London-listed investment company with headquarters in both Singapore and Yangon. As an operator and developer of a fast-growing portfolio of businesses, the company aims at creating opportunities for investors to gain exposure to one of the world’s final frontier markets: Myanmar.

MSH employs over 2,500 people operating across three principal sectors that it has focused on thus far: education, hospitality, and business services. It is open to other industries with potential for growth such as healthcare, retail services and renewable energy.  Click on New Business Development to explore our areas of focus.

Our Operations:

Our Focus:

Through our Board, leadership team, external consultants, advisors and partners, we are able to leverage a global network of experienced professionals across different sectors and markets.

We actively look for both international and local partners to help develop MSH’s platform. You can find us on the ground scouting for opportunities or contact us at opportunities@ms-holdings.com