Operating Portfolio

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WSE Yangon 1 – Junction Square

  • Opening date: February 2017
  • Type: English language learning

WSE Yangon 2 – City Mall @ St. John

  • Opening date: December 2017
  • Type: English language learning

WSE Yangon 3 – Myanmar Plaza

  • Opening date: July 2018
  • Type: English language learning

WSE Mandalay 1 – Mingalar Mandalay

  • Opening date: February 2020
  • Type: English language learning

Auston College – Yangon

  • Opening date: May 2018
  • Type: Engineering & Information Technology

Yangon American International School

  • Opening date: August 2019
  • Type: Pre-K to Grade12 International School


In an increasingly globalised world in which English is the language of business, English literacy is crucial to the development of Myanmar. With a relatively low rate of English literacy in the country and just 1% of GDP being spent on education, MSH believes there is a huge opportunity to be an instrumental player in this growing market.

Spending on recreation, education and culture in Myanmar was $2bn in 2010 and by 2030 this is expected to increase to $14bn.


By partnering with reputable educators with a record of global best practices and standards, MSH is focused on becoming the largest English language learning provider and one of the largest private education businesses in Myanmar.

CASE STUDY: Wall Street English

MSH signed an exclusive development and franchising agreement with Pearson to develop ten Wall Street English (“WSE”) language centres across Myanmar over the next ten years. WSE is a leading English language learning provider with over 450 centres in 27 countries. WSE has developed a proprietary blended learning method leveraging digital technologies, native English teachers and proven teaching methods.

MSH led this deal by:

      • Negotiating and structuring the deal with Pearson and Wall Street English
      • Sourcing and securing the location
      • Designing and renovating the centre
      • Identifying the CEO and hiring the head office and centre team
      • Supporting the team training
      • Standardising day-to-day operations

What We Seek

MSH is focused on expanding the WSE franchise throughout Yangon and beyond. MSH has also started evaluating whether to add other educational products such as vocational training to its offering overtime.

The team is keen to evaluate partnerships in other educational segments. Our market knowledge of and operational experience in Myanmar makes us an attractive business partner.

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